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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Hmmm...which is it? Liquid, ice, or V.X. Poison Gas?!

As many of you have probably seen on the television there is a new burning question on Jessicas mind..."is it liquid or is it ice?" Well I for one was intrigued at the thought of a mint that had both properties, so I went out and bought a pack. Delicious...and they really do a good job of freshening the breath too! The mints remind me a little bit of the green VX gas spherical capsules from the movie The Rock. Just to let everyone know, you won't start writhing around or foaming at the mouth after you pop one of these mints in.

The same VX gas they're wanting to truck across half the country to Delaware (my location) and dump into the river... "neutralized" of course. It won't harm anything! *laughs sarcastically*

Thanks for the VX link! :)
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