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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

So delicious...but could possibly get you in a fight.

When Sticky Lips BBQ came into town, they brought PJ's Loganberry with them. Later Wegmans began carrying it as well! I was beside myself with joy...I thought "now I know longer have to go out to eat to get this tasty drink...I can buy it and not have to wait for the waitress to come and refill my cup. I can drink 'till my hearts content.

Then something odd happened. I was at work and had purchased a bottle to drink whilst working...I didn't think it was that crazy. Then one of my co-workers said "Lo-gun-berry?!" My initial thought was that he was as crazy about it as I was or perhaps wanted to try it, so I asked,"What? Oh, I'm sorry would you like some?". To which he replied, "NO, I was just going to make fun of you!". Hmmmmmmm? How can you make fun of someone for a drink? I can see if it had some crazy name or I was drinking a beer with a straw...but Loganberry...c'mon. Perhaps it was the guy on the back of the bottle that looks a bit like the late Bob Ross.

Is it better than Aunt Rosie's??? Because Aunt Rosie's is mmm mmm good!
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