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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Schfifty five...and oh yeah I AM BACK

Jenny has taught me how to use Dreamweaver and how to upload pictures...so now I am back and I will be able to write more entertaining entries.

To commemorate my return I give you this comedic gem of a song.


Well it's about time!
You haven't blogged in, what, like shfifty-five years! Welcome back!
what's scary is, i was just visiting your site yesterday (from a link on Jenny's page) and here you go and start blogging again...do do do do...

i like the Bang Bang Bang song better...but Schfifty five is pretty cute...

www.blackberrybeads.com (because i'm posting 'anonymous' i'm signing my post here...too lazy to create a blog account, dontcha know...
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